Accounting record

As with other law specialties with economic content, the specificity of accounting regulations makes this one of the services that companies tend to outsource.

At Muntlaw we are very rigorous in the accounting and preparation of the financial statements of companies, since we are aware that errors or inaccuracies that may occur in the accounting can have a multiple impact on the future viability of a company (errors in the presentation and liquidation of taxes, inaccuracies and errors in the financing of the company, not representing the true image of the company …).

For all the aforementioned, at Muntlaw we make every effort to ensure that the accounting and preparation of the financial statements occupy a transcendent place in the life of a company, since the correct carrying out of accounting will depend on multiple subsequent actions.

Here are some of the services we provide at Muntlaw:

i. Legalization of accounting books
ii. Book making
iii. Preparation and deposit of annual accounts
iv. Periodic reports
v. Accounting advice
vi. Preparation of financial statements
vii. Accounting outsourcing

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