Insolvency law and restructuring

Corporate Restructuring

Muntlaw provides advice on the legal strategies for corporate restructuring to achieve its objectives, seeking effective solutions by offering a specialized and creative advice in the implementation of viability plans.

Debt refinancing

Muntlaw provides legal support to the debtor or creditor in debt refinancing and restructuring operations, in the modification of terms of terms and conditions and in operations to capitalize loans, sale of assets or business units and the like, both inside and outside of a tender of creditors.


Muntlaw has professionals with extensive experience in bankruptcy proceedings, both as lawyers of the insolvent party or creditors as Joint Administrators appointed by the commercial courts.

The main issues addressed by Muntlaw are:

i. Preparation and presentation of voluntary and necessary insolvency proceedings
ii. Challenge and recognition of credits
iii. Representation and defence of creditors in all phases of the procedure
iv. Bankruptcy incidents in the termination of civil and commercial contracts, and exercise of termination actions
v. Preparation, drafting and negotiation of creditors’ agreements
vi. Intervention as insolvency lawyers- administrators