Real estate and leasing

In the Real Estate Law Area, Muntlaw provides advice to individuals and companies in the preventive phase, necessary to make strategic decisions, and in the different friendly, negotiation and judicial procedures that may affect their clients in this complex multidisciplinary matter.

Among the services offered, we have:

i. Negotiation and draft contracts.
ii. Acquisition and sale of all types of real estate assets: acquisition, management and disinvestment of large real estate portfolios; acquisition of assets through corporate operations; Sale & Leaseback operations, acquisition of administrative concessions; constitution and acquisition of surface rights and in general any formula for the use of real estate.
iii. Negotiation of leases, assignments of use, loan, censuses and any other type of contract destined to the assignment of the possession or use of the real estate, as well as of the guarantees associated with this type of operations.
iv. Defence before the courts, claim for defaulters and evictions.
v. Reports.