Family Mediation

Mediation, in general, is a method of conflict resolution in which the parties involved, through the intervention of an impartial third party, the Mediator, adopt reciprocally satisfactory agreements through dialogue and negotiation.

The mediation applied to the management of conflicts in a family environment tries to avoid judicial confrontation, satisfying the needs of the parties and reinforcing the consensus.

The mediator will guide the process of family mediation, helping to manage the conflict facilitating dialogue and giving voice to the different parties, making them responsible for finding the solution to the problem, putting the necessary instruments to reach a satisfactory agreement for the interests of all the involved parties.

Through mediation, a separation process adapted to each family can be carried out, providing personalized solutions and preserving the privacy of the parties involved.

One of the most important advantages is the potential briefness of the process, which can be quite fast, promoting the continuity of a cordial relationship between the parties, where there is no losing part, eliminating the negative effects of tensions and favouring the adaptation of children to the new family reality

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